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SAG-AFTRA Eligible




Height: 6’2”  Weight: 310                                                   Eyes:Hazel  Hair:Blonde/Gray                                          

Shoe: 14 Coat: 58L Shirt: 4XL Neck: 22

Pants: 52W 30L




Feature Film

THE SENIOR                                             Glen McWhorter                   Rod Lurie, dir

ACCIDENTAL TEXAN                                Moose                                  Mark Lambert Bristol, dir     

MARISOL                                                   Tom 'Mac' Macnamara         Kevin Abrams, dir

THE LOST PRINCESS                              Supporting/Swordfight         Duncan Pace, dir

MY BEST FRIEND IS A VAMPIRE            Supporting                           Jimmy Huston, dir

THE OUTING                                             Supporting                           Tom Daley, dir

URBAN COWBOY                                     Extra/Driving                       James Bridges, dir










A MOMENT IN TIME                                  Spokesperson            K.Lustgarten, dir             Public Television

LONE STAR BAR AND GRILL                    Supporting                 Lawrence Dobkin, dir      Showtime

PRINCESS IDA                                           Featured                    Mendy Mendenhal, dir     PBS

SCARBOROUGH RENAISSANCE             Spokesperson            Southwest Festivals, Inc. Producer

SCREAMS HALLOWEEN PARK                Spokesperson            Southwest Festivals, Inc. Producer

WAXAHACHIE VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS  Spokesperson            Downtown Merchants Association

BETHLEHEM REVISITED                           Spokesperson            Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce

2010 - present


BUS STOP                                                  Sheriff          Chris Wilson, dir                 Actors’ Theatre
COMEDY WORKSHOP, HOUSTON              Principal                                        Various Productions over 2 years
DEAN GOSS DINNER THEATER                  Principal                                        Various Productions over 3 years
THE ODD COUPLE                                      Oscar                                                Rose Theater, League City
CELEBRATION                                            Mr. Rich        Nik Hagler, dir                      Dunham Theater
HARVEY                                                     Wilson          Nik Hagler, dir                      Dunham Theater 
1776                                                            Courier                                              Regional Tour 1976
UP WITH PEOPLE                                       Principal                                            National Tour 1975
YOU’RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN    Charlie Brown                                     National Tour 1974
TEXAS RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL                Principal                                         25 Year Performer/Instructor

Commercial (conflicts available on request)

2010 - present

Everybody’s Talking-      Walmart/T-Mobile         Principal        Jerry Brown, dir

Splish Splash Water Park                                   Principal        Turnstile Advertising

Special Skills

Master of Ceremonies, Licensed Auctioneer, Improvisation/Dialects, Technical Director (Astroworld, Vanites Touring Company), Musical Director (Godspell, Sweet Charity, Stop the World), Motorcycle Riding, Horse Riding, Third Degree Brown Belt- Judo & Weapons, NAUI Dive Instructor, DPS Handgun Instructor, Car Stunts, Licensed Pyrotechnics Special Effect Operator, Licensed Flame Effect Operator, SAFD Member, Carrying Large Objects from Point “A” to Point “B”.


"What I do for a living may not be respectable, but I am. In this town I am the Leper with the most fingers-" 

J J "Jake" Gittes The Two Jakes



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